Workshops for Schools & Organizations

Mini drones in use

Handling drones under 250g

UAVs with a take-off weight of less than 250g are becoming increasingly relevant for a wide range of applications. The daily training course on mini drones deals with the safe handling of the small devices.

Language: German

UAV Flight Licence

Proof of knowledge according to §21d of the LuftVO

A one-day training course which includes a theoretical examination by which the proof of knowledge according to §21d of the LuftVO can be obtained.

Language: German


Experience innovation with drones

With the DroneMasters Experience we create a space that integrates the experience of flying impressively and individually tailored into an event.


Nutzung kleiner Drohnen

Vorstellung der Möglichkeiten zur Nutzung von kleinen Drohnen als Lehr- und Unterrichtsmaterialien. Fliegen - Programmieren - Verstehen