Christian Janke talks about digital education with drones at a DroneMasters Academy Meetup in Hamburg Harbor

STEAMUP EDUCATION! - November 1st 2023

Preparing for Tomorrow: Education and Training for the Era of Transformation

It's time to steam up education!

In a world of rapid technological progress and unprecedented social change, we experience a constant struggle between tradition and innovation.

Traditional educational structures are struggling to keep up with this fast pace of change. We face the daunting task of equipping people of all ages with the skills to meet the employment demands of the coming decades across all industries. To meet the needs of tomorrow, we must look beyond conventional systems and learn from unconventional approaches.

We must accelerate the adaptation of education to new needs and promote lifelong learning. New perspectives and unusual methods must be explored to complement traditional education. We must create out-of-school opportunities and spaces for continuous learning for children, youth, and adults.

With STEAMUP EDUCATION! we want to create a forum for alternative approaches to education and training for the age of transformation.

Join us for our kick-off conference focused on designing a new profession for the aerospace industry.

The first STEAMUP EDUCATION! Conference took place on 01 November 2023 as part of the Berlin Science Week in Berlin.

Thank you for your participation!

At the first STEAMUP EDUCATION! conference, we will explore how vocational education and training can accompany change in the aerospace industry.

As early as 2015, the European Strategy and Policy Analysis System (ESPAS) report "Global Trends 2030" clearly stated that sustainable aviation and drones are crucial to the transformative industrial and technological revolution. Therefore, the European Union already supports initiatives developing vocational training concepts for the aerospace sector of the future.

The project "AMTech - the development of an aviation aerospace mechatronics technician curriculum," funded by the Erasmus+ program, aims to codify the most relevant profile and occupational features of a new profession, highlighting the competencies, knowledge, and skills required to meet the future needs of the industry.

The AMTech consortium identifies training needs, required skills, and capacity gaps in the areas of electrification, autonomy, and sustainability. During the conference, the AMTech consortium partners will present and discuss the preliminary results of the research project.


14:00 Introduction to the STEAMUP EDUCATION! concept and DroneMasters Academy
14:15 1415 Overview and results of the AMTECH research project


Keynote address - EUROCAE – Cate Bichara
14:45 Keynote address - EASA – Antonia Gonzales-Gomez
15:00 Presentation: Education and training of personnel for hybrid and electrical VTOL – A conceptual approach for future flight safety
15:30 An Industry perspective from OEMs: Best practices of recruiting and training future aviation workforce
Rolls Royce – Robert Stephens
Pratt & Whitney – Phillip Schumacher
Nex Aero – Johannes Garbino-Anton
16:30 Introduction of the AMTECH occupational profile, curriculum and the European Aviation Aerospace Mechatronics Passport
17:00 Closing remarks, networking and experience drone flying