Online Training for Teachers

Using Drones as Teaching and Learning Tools for (STEM) Education

Since 2017, the DroneMasters Academy offers a variety of learning and vacation programs with drones. Supporting educators, we are offering this teacher training seminar online to share our experience and knowledge.

Drones are aerial robots in the third dimension; they open up creative access to numerous topics in STEM subjects, such as mathematics, physics and computer science. They are ideal for teaching content in a motivating and project-based way.

The teacher training, which is a free online seminar, will focus on two topics in particular:

  • The new EU drone regulation and its impact on teachers.
  • The current developments in drone technology as well as an introduction to programming drones - from block-based dashboards to script-based interfaces with Python.

The teacher training is intended as a multidisciplinary offer to introduce the topic, which can then be further developed subject-specifically.

A certificate of participation will be issued upon request.

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Philipp Horstmann, DroneMasters Academy

Branko May Trinkwald, DroneMasters Academy

Christian Janke, DroneMasters Academy

This advanced training is suitable for teachers of all school types.

The next online course for teachers, "Flying - Coding - Understanding- Using small Drones in (STEM) Education," is on 10 February 2022 at 6:00 pm (Central European Time - check your corresponding local time on Savvy Time).



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